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the cloud storage service “Onedrive” is automatically installed with Windows and then remains as an integral part of the operating system. If you do not intend to use Onedrive, then this service is rather annoying, because it is present in every file dialog and there is selected in part even as the default location.

to delete the service Onedrive

  1. with the right mouse button to click the Start button.
  2. you from the displayed menu select the option apps and features .
  3. you enter in the search field: onedrive
  4. use the mouse to mark the eponymous site.
  5. choose uninstall and confirm the question again.

    Onedrive deinstallieren
    Onedrive can be uninstalled as a normal programs.

after the uninstallation of the service of the folder containing the mirrored files from cloud storage is still there. No data is lost them thus.

to remove the Onedrive icon from the Explorer

Das Onedrive-Symbol
also the Onedrive icon you can remove.

You mind also the remaining icon of Onedrive in Windows Explorer, then you must follow these steps:

  1. press enter the keyboard shortcut [Win + R]
  2. regedit, , OK and confirm the question.
  3. navigate HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTCLSID {018D5C66-4533-4307-9B53-224DE2ED1FE6} in the registry editor to the entry. This is the best by looking after a part of the key, such as 224DE2ED1FE6.
  4. System.IsPinnedToNameSpaceTree double click on the entry.

    Symbol Onedrive löschen
    To delete the symbol from Onedrive, via registry from the Explorer.

  5. now you will see the current value, so the number 1
  6. change the value to zero and click on OK .
  7. let you reboot the system.
  8. the icon should be gone from the Explorer.

to install Onedrive again

  1. you start [Win +R] dialogue run.
  2. you enter in the field: %windir%syswow64OneDriveSetup.exe
  3. , click OK.
  4. confirm the security question and the installer goes through.
  5. then click the Onedrive icon in Explorer and navigate to the Setup Wizard.

use instead Onedrive of prefer dropbox? Learn how they influence the timing: to stop or slow the data transfer by dropbox.

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