Windows: How to become annoying audio ads go

2:03 am May 12, 20177961

it happened to you already, that while working on the computer suddenly a commercial from the speakers of your PC sounds? If you find the “polluter pays” not in one of the open tabs, then you must research differently according to the cause.

to identify the source of advertising

  1. icon with the right mouse button on the speaker in taskbar and choose the option volume mixer open.

    Lautst?rkemixer ?ffnen
    Hereby, you open the volume mixer.

  2. now , opens just the volume mixer . Which is usually used by controls the signals from applications with raise audio output or lower to to .
  3. move this window so far wide that all running applications see all you and continue with your normal employment on the PC.

    The volume mixer displays all active applications.

  4. if now the next advertising sounds switch back to the mixer and see to which fails meter . Here in the screenshot of , program is clearly that Messenger Skype the culprit.

so let advertising silenced

also the remedy is volume mixer to quickly get rid of the advertising:

  1. drag with the mouse the controller of causing program all the way down.
  2. now you hear nothing at all from the application in . Unfortunately, more arrive so that any notes useful . Listen to so such as Skype no longer when a call comes in, or someone writes something to you. Directly disconnect

you can currently advertising in the case of Skype by the way not. That come out the blue out commercials, but to statement an employee in the Skype Forum be an oversight.

Skype-Forum zur Werbung

Skype Forum typically should this in addition [19459005introducedtothebanners] form of advertising only sound when it interacts with Skype .

speaking of Skype: your microphone is too quiet? So you can lift the microphone volume .

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