Windows: headset microphone to quiet

9:11 am March 11, 201715338

your counterpart does not understand, what you speak into the microphone of your headset via Skype or TeamSpeak? This is usually because the microphone input is amplified to quietly set or not. But quite simply, you can store this problem.

so you raise to the level of your microphone

  1. all problems of this kind you first check whether the mute switch on the MIC is not accidentally.

    The switch on the microphone should be set on to .

  2. isn’t there for the mute button, enter sound into the search box in the Windows taskbar. Select sound – control panel
  3. , under the entry .
  4. go host tab and select the microphone you are using.
  5. , click Properties.

    Aufnahme Eigenschaften
    Click here for the settings of your microphone.

  6. choose the tab level .

    Mikrofonpegel einstellen
    Here you adjust the gain of the MIkrofonsignals.

  7. if – as in the picture – the upper control for the microphone volume not at 100 percent, you first try to solve the problem
  8. only if that’s not enough, go to the second controller microphone gain and push him a little bit to the right.
  9. if they too high adjust the gain, is your signal get distorted, Act so careful.
  10. when everything fits, click on OK , to save the new setting of the microphone.

brings a change to the controls no improvement, you should check so in the settings of the voice chat program, such as TeamSpeak or Skype. There’s also a choice of microphone sensitivity, which can turn still upwards.

also helps nothing, can still try out whether perhaps the plug for the microphone (usually red) is in the correct socket on the PC.

make sure that not the headset is actually defective, can you replace it test half with the connected and functional headset on another computer.

doesn’t work also the coordination between the sounds of the game and TeamSpeak? Then continue reading here: Windows: adjust multiple applications .

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