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If you are installing a new hard drive in a Windows system, need to initialize that may. Then the disk in the system can be integrated and format . Here the instructions.

new hard drive initialize

  1. [Win R] press and enter diskmgmt.msc . This starts disk management .
  2. If you need to initialize the new drive, a window with the corresponding message will appear.
  3. choose a partition style called . In case of doubt, you stay with the default.
  4. then see the unformatted disk in our example. (May need to you a little scroll down).
  5. click the disk with the right mouse button and select new simple volume .
  6. click in the then upcoming Wizard next and select the size of the volume. Normally, leave it at the default setting and click on on .
  7. now gets the new volume still a drive letter, and you click again on on .
  8. then Windows offers you to format the newly created volume. To continue reading from step 3 in the following section hard drive reformat in disk management .
Festplatte initialisieren in Datenträgerverwaltung
a still uninitialized hard disk was found in the system, the disk management reporting.

Tip: For partition sizes over 2 TB select GPT partition style. The same applies if more than four primary partitions should be set up on a hard drive.

hard drive reformat in disk management

  1. you first identify the desired hard drive. The units are numbered at Windows and carry names such as disk 1 . The plates may be divided into multiple drives with own letters. This volumes or in the view of the disk management, partitions each wear the current drive letter. Here you will find also all connected USB flash drives or SD cards.
  2. have found the desired partition, click with the right mouse button on it and select format .
  3. now appears a dialog with various options for formatting. You should choose the quick formatting off old or hard of dubious durability. Then it indeed takes longer, but Windows checks the hard disk during formatting errors.
  4. file system you choose NTFS, if only your Windows on the disk you want to access. Choose FAT32 or exFat, if it is an external hard drive, even to other computer types, guests on a Mac . (Note: FAT32 House is only for disks up to 32 GB size.) As larger partitions in FAT32 format, you can read here: to format under Windows FAT32 partitions ).
  5. after you press OK , the starts and displays its progress a progress bar on the.
Datenträgerverwaltung Formatieren
disk formatting

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