«««Windows folder quickly reach: by pinning in the quick access

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everyone for Windows folder on your hard drive, it needs every day. With just a few clicks you can make himself more accessible these directories in Windows.

Quick access to pin a folder to

  1. start the Windows Explorer and navigate to one of the folders that you often need.
  2. Drag the icon of that folder in the right window pane in the range quick access in the left sidebar of .

    By simply dragging you add quick access folder .

  3. So that you can just insert the symbol in the right place, the Explorer in the target area displays a black horizontal bar, which indicates the position. After releasing, the folder icon at this point remains.
  4. To remove the icon, click on it with the right mouse button and select from the appearing menu option of quick access trigger .

How to use the folder in the quick access

the right pane click in an Explorer window that shows just added symbol, the contents of the desired folder. quick access including predefined directories are included as documents or downloads , or most recently used folders. You can distinguish these automatically generated entries but just from your own. Because only the even landscaped symbols have the right a small pin icon.

The scheduled as folders, see still elsewhere. When you click with the right-click the Explorer icon on the taskbar, same directories automatically or manually inserted appear. A left mouse click on one of the entries then opens an Explorer window with the appropriate destination folder.

Ordnerliste in der Taskleiste
Folder list in the system tray

However this list better than the Explorer itself grouped Windows and shows the source by headings, as tacked on or most recently used.

So take a recently used folder in the quick access

want an entry from last used permanently in the quick access, then you right click it on and on this list, select PIN. Alternatively you can click right the PIN symbol, that lights up when driving over the entry.

Per Klick kommt der Ordner dauerhaft in den Schnellzugriff
Thus the folder moves permanently in the quick access

Windows writes as though “ list attach explanation”, will not only permanently here in the taskbar, but as well in the left margin in any Explorer window after clicking the folder.

The taskbar is still a way to reach directory structures directly.

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