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you want to find an IP address in Windows? No problem. Here are ways on how you find the IP address of your own computer in the local network and the Internet.

find out with ipconfig (all Windows versions)

with a simple command line you can quickly find out IP address Windows command line in all versions of Windows Windows

IP address.

  1. open the box of Windows, using the keyboard shortcut [Win – R] .
  2. type cmd in the box of the start menu a
  3. press the [ return] -button.
  4. now a command line window appears. Enter the following command ipconfig
  5. Windows then displays a variety of information.

IP-Adresse ermitteln

determine IP address of

the sequence of four numbers behind “IPv4 address” is the selected value. The subnet mask is the same including. 99% of all private networks, that is “”.

If you are not sure whether you have found the correct IP address, follow the address ranges reserved for local area networks. These are to address areas that are not used on the Internet, but are reserved exclusively in-house or private networks. Most likely, your computer for an IP address from one of the following three areas:

  • to
  • to
  • to

in the vast majority of home networks get addresses from the range to for use.

IP address identify Windows 10

1. enter left down to the desktop in the search window a Ethernet .

2 Select you then modify the entry Ethernet settings.

Mit der Suchfunktion findet man schnell die Ethernet-Einstellungen.
with the search function finds the Ethernet settings to quickly.

3. next click on Ethernet connected .

Der Ethernet-Adapter wird in den Windows-Einstellungen angezeigt.
the Ethernet adapter is displayed in the Windows settings.

4. then Windows 10 shows you the Ethernet address.

Windows 10 zeigt sowohl die IP V4 als auch die IP V6 Adresse
Windows 10 shows both the IP V4 and the IP V6 address

more tips on IP addresses

IP address in Windows 8.1

  1. invoke the search settings by pressing [Win – W] and type “Ethernet” as a search term.
  2. from the search results, click change Ethernet settings. Now, in the main window, you see a list of your network connections. You only have one, like most users, that looks like this:

    win81 Ethernet Menü
    win81 Ethernet menu

  3. click with the left mouse button on the icon network , which connected the addition for. Now, you get roughly following display. The Red framed part is your IP address.

    win81 Ehternet IP-Adresse 7 IP address identify Windows
    win81 Ethernet IP address

  1. , click start – Control Panel .

    Startmenü von Windows 7 mit Systemsteuerung
    Start menu of Windows 7 with system control

  2. click once on view network status and tasks.

    Netzwerkstatus und Aufgaben in der Systemsteuerung
    Network status and tasks in Control Panel

  3. it follows a mouse click on change adapter settings.

    Adaptereinstellungen ändern
    Change the adapter settings

  4. connection in this example double click on the entry. (If other network adapters are displayed, you can click twice on one of them.

    LAN-Verbindung doppelt anklicken
    LAN connection double-click

  5. is almost done – now open by clicking the details… .

    Details anklicken
    details click

  6. now see the IP address of your network card in addition to many other information.

    IP-Adresse der Netzwerkkarte
    IP address of the network card

IP address in Windows XP

  1. start – job and click with the right mouse button network environment .
  2. select properties and double click on connection.
  3. network support now click on the tab and you see the IP address. Display an IP address
Anzeige einer IP-Adresse

your Internet IP find out

to find out your IP in the Internet, you need to plug in your router. As it is with the Fritz box, read here: how to find out with the Fritz box, what IP address you have in the Internet .

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