Windows: Find duplicate files and delete

10:53 pm March 16, 201712361

duplicate files are faster than you think. With a free but powerful tool for Windows, you can find such duplicates, and delete.

to remove duplicate files

  1. you get the program Alldup and install it.
  2. after the launch, it offers a selection of all drives.

    Alldup Start
    After launching Alldup offers drives to search, mark all where you suspect duplicates and press the button search method

  3. . The fastest the preset works, but only the file name used as a criterion.
  4. click on search start, far left above. During the process, you will receive a progress indicator and statistics.

    Alldup während der Suche
    During the search, Alldup gives some information about.

  5. after the search to get a list of the duplicates. For each file, there are with the respective sites including the same content. It involves a few files, simply select the entries you want to delete and click the button file manager… links above.

    Alldup Suchergebnisse
    Then a new window for the actions appears Alldup search results

  6. . Delete you can move for example also the duplicate files on a different disk or rename, if delete is too dangerous.
  7. the manual selection is too cumbersome, you can search out a method select in the menu , as the program to mark those files that should be deleted afterwards or moved. A mostly reasonable option as it is all files except the latest select .

which make search method most important additional capabilities of Alldup

in use comparison criteria that – so as Alldup determines the identity. It is safest but slowest, if you choose the option the contents of file. Then checks the program really byte for byte of all files on equality and finds files that have that same content but are differently named.

Alldup Suchmethode a number of comparison criteria knows

The program finds similar images. To do this, enable the same name option and select the options for the image similarity in the area below. As standard Alldup expects all pictures on a 16 × 16 pixel wide thumbnail down and compares how many pixels in two images voneinenander differ. You then set the similarity threshold as a percentage.

as other options the program gives you file filter and folder filter . If you so not each search the whole drive, use one of the two buttons, to exclude certain types of files or directories. Alldup skips the default system folder like the Recycle Bin, the Windows directory or the folder C:Programme. Via the button folder filter , you can see this exclusion list and customize.

which version of Alldup should take

there is the tool in two ways:

  • normal Alldup for an own Installer. It is designed to be installed on your PC.
  • Portable Edition can simply unzip it to a USB stick and run without installation on any PC. If you like on the PC of a friend or on multiple company computers to remove file duplicates, which is the better version.

want to you use the Explorer to locate files according to certain criteria? Then you will find tips here: Windows: file search by type, age and size of files

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