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4:40 pm March 30, 201714226

find all drivers installed on the system in the command line of Windows, there is a practical command to find all installed drivers and display as a list. In this way you quickly find out what driver versions are available or where there might be problem if necessary.

so Windows will install the driver

  1. a list of all open from the desktop using the keyboard shortcut [Win – R] run the window .
  2. give cmd one, press [Return] and thus open the command line interface.
  3. you type driverquery | more
  4. appears after the touch of a button on [Return] a list of installed drivers.
  5. when the screen is full, the output will stop. Press SPACEBAR you can then continue Edition.

    Die Ausgabe von Driverquery

list as text file store

  1. If you want to see on the list alone, first enter: driverquery > % HOMEPATH%DesktopTreiber.txt
  2. after the touch of a button on [Return] the text file you will see Treiber.txt on your desktop.
  3. which can then a double click in the editor open, view or print them.

    Das Ergebnis von driverquery als Textdatei
    You would maybe instead the result of driverquery as text file

find old drivers in the Device Manager of Windows?

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