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8:12 pm March 7, 201710493

Windows for a filter function for the display of files in Windows Explorer. In this way, you can quickly restrict the views of those files currently are interested in.

The Windows Explorer shows just to be able to use the filters, must first turn certain files to

  1. in an open folder window on the detail view.
  2. To do this, click the button change view of links above the folder view.

    Umschalten auf Ansicht Details
    To turn the details view.

  3. In this way you will find several columns which you can, sort the contents of the folder as such name , modified or type .

    Die Detailansicht im Windows-Explorer
    Take the details view in Windows Explorer

  4. with the mouse pointer over one of the column captions. Right next to the label you will find a small, major downward triangle.
  5. Click on the triangle and will see the filter options. In addition to name , you can filter by first letter, when modified you may select a date range and type for a list of file extensions of that are used in the shown files.

    Filteroptionen für den Typ
    Filter options for the type of files.

  6. Select the options or the range for the criteria you are interested in.
  7. You can choose multiple characteristics, i.e. all .jpg files that are larger than 1 MByte.
  8. Immediately after selecting the view changes to the folder and soon reach the files you are looking for.

Do not filter the view, you browse entire folders for specific files? Then this tip for you is interesting: Windows: file search by type, age and size of files .

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