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Windows search helps you to find all files that have a particular type, in a size range or were last modified within a definable time interval.

To locate files according to characteristics such as name, size, or file extension

  1. open a window of Windows Explorer – for example using the key combination [Win + E] .
  2. Click on either right the search box or press [F3] , open search tools above the tab.
    Der Tab Suchtools
    [F3] or a click on the search box, in Windows Explorer, open the search tools.
  3. Navigate to the folder that you want to browse or choose button in the bar above this PC, to search the entire computer.
  4. In the search box right you can enter part of the name. But, the box must not be completed.
  5. You want to restrict the time frame, click the calendar icon and choose last month from the proposals – about this week or .
  6. As well, the window art provides additional options, such as a limitation of the size on a specific area or choose of a file type on the list box.

    Suche nach Größe
    Search by file size.

  7. If the selected directory in the fast search index of Windows is , the answer to the query will come fairly quickly, otherwise the search longer takes.
  8. You want to open one of the search results directly, double-click it.
  9. Would you instead switch to the directory of the site, select the relevant file with one click and select the button at the top open file location.

    Dateipfad öffnen
    Hereby, you open the folder containing the selected search result.

To limit the results to files of a specific type

which contains property art together file types, such as *. JPG, PNG or *. GIF to images . If you very specifically only looking for a particular extension, however, proceed as follows:

  1. click other properties .
  2. Select the entry from the offered list type .
  3. The cursor now automatically in the search box, it goes with “type:” is presented.
  4. Enter a common name extension, how about “pdf”.
  5. When you start the search with the Enter key, you will receive only files that he comply with extension.
    Suche nach Dateierweiterung
    Search for a determine file extension

    the Explorer you can when you click on the keywords art modified and shows you each a Special dialog that offers possible options for each filter option. So you can search last week or files of the type image , for example, also look for files with modified date.

So searches Windows ZIP files

a compressed ZIP file is Windows by default not in the search included.

To change this, click Advanced options in the search window and the switch zipped (compressed) folders.

Die Option Gezippte Ordner
With this setting, Windows search browse and ZIP files.

Note, however, that other types of archive as RAR or BZ2 are not searched because Windows cannot do anything with these formats.

To save the search as a shortcut on the desktop

  1. click Save Search, the results of a query are displayed while you.

    Die Schaltfläche Suche speichern
    The button Save Search

  2. choose your desktop as the destination in the left bar, and give the file a distinctive name like “Latest images”.

    Suche speichern
    Search store

  3. now you have on your desktop a new icon.

    Icon einer gespeicherten Suche
    Icon of a saved search

  4. click on it, the search window opens matching the selected criteria.

    The results of a saved search

Windows secures not only about the hit list, but actually evaluates the search query, which also constantly new.

If you leave the search window open and create a new image, it is absorbed so immediately with in the hit list.

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