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Windows shut down faster – it works on a new entry in the start menu or the normal power switch and the matching setting.

Windows 8 and 10: Fast switching via the start menu

  1. click with the right mouse button on an empty space on the desktop
  2. choose Link in the context menu new -.
  3. In the dialog that appears, type in the location a : shutdown / s / t 0
  4. click on on .
  5. As the name for the link, choose a suitable label, such as “Shut down”.
  6. With finish to complete the process.
  7. Click the just created new shortcut, right on
  8. select properties and you ignore the error message appears then
  9. icon.
  10. Search you are from the list an appropriate icon, like about the Red off button right below and confirm with OK .

    Symbol für Ausschalter
    Choose an appropriate icon for the shortcut.

  11. Finally, again click on the link and select ‘ start ‘ PIN .

Now you have the off switch directly in the start menu. If you want, you can move the icon so that it is easily accessible for you.

Ausschalter im Startmenü von Win 10
So then looks the finished button in the start menu.

The power button on the computer to shut down use

before this button was so frowned upon, because he for made the PC suddenly switched off, resulting in data loss.

But now, he gives a signal only the mainboard. Specify what should happen here in Windows:

  1. to , power options go either through enter of this phrase in the search box or over Control Panel – hardware and sound – power options .
  2. Then select what you want to happen when you press the power button on the left side on the link .

    Now see the power options Windows 10

  3. you symbolized a list box in which you can set the desired action right of the power switch.

    Ausschalter konfigurieren
    Here, you can determine what will cause the power switch.

  4. In addition to shutting down, you can save for example also the mode power select. Then the PC is turned off lightning fast again usable, because it is not complete.

If the computer unexpectedly wakes from sleep mode, you can check which device that caused .

Important: regardless of what you put in the settings: when you press on the button for a few seconds, the power be cut rigorously PC. This is the last resort for emergencies, where the computer may no longer respond.

Windows 7: power button to shut down configure

law prominently right in the Windows 7 start menu button emblazoned shutdown . If you click on it, the system runs the sleep mode.

The action that triggers the button, you can change but simply and conveniently do so the desired switch-off option.

How to change the effect of the buttons shutdown

click the button with the right mouse button and select properties .

Now, you have landed in the taskbar and the start menu properties, but have equal to the correct tab open.

Windows 7 Herunterfahren regeln
Windows 7 shutdown rules

go on the list behind default action for stopping and select the desired action. Only the version of shutdown switches correctly the PC.

Maybe even still a little power will be depending on the hardware, about to wake-on-LAN support. So that you are sure that no energy is consumed, turn the PC on the network Panel switch on the back or a switched power strip.

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