Windows: extend send to to move files faster.

8:48 am April 20, 201713896

if the entries in the context menu, expand send to , can you in the Windows Explorer files simply to move a directory or copy.

the menu sending extend, to build a destination folder

  1. run the Windows Explorer and click once on the folder icon in the address bar, to enable text input.
  2. then type in: shell: sendto
  3. now opens up a directory that shows the recipient that you know already from the menu, as well as email recipients or desktop .

    Der Ordner Sendto
    The folder SendTo

  4. navigate now with another Explorer window to the desired folder.
  5. drag the destination folder with the right mouse button in the SendTo folder.
  6. is the question, what to do with the folder, select Create shortcut.
  7. you can now see the new entry in the Explorer window.

    Der Ordner Sento nach der Erweiterung
    So, the folder Sento looks after the enlargement with the folder shortcut.

  8. if the automatically inserted additional “Link” bothers you, you can rename the entry here on the button [F2] .

how to use the newly created entry in send to

when you are in a Windows window, where files are displayed, right click on the desired file, select sending and then the previously furnished folder that will serve as a target.

Beispiel fuer Senden an Ordner
as the menu to send out if you expanded it with an entry.

Without additional button copies the file or the files at the destination. However, to move the file from its current location to the selected destination, hold [Umschalten] pressed down while you click on the icon of the destination folder.

caution: may not press the button [Umschalten] doing, before you run the right mouse click, but really only when you click the folder entry in the menu send to . Otherwise, you have only a limited selection in the menu, where among other things your self defined folder do not appears.

by the way: sometimes the mouse for copying or moving is not the best option, because many file operations work with the keyboard faster .