Windows: Enter a special character hexadecimal

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for always been you can insert on the numeric keypad any character in the current application button and the input of a character code in Windows on a held [Alt]. But how does this with hexadecimal quoted character codes? We show, hexadecimal enter special characters on the numeric keypad. Hexadecimal type

special characters the hex input is released, proceed as follows:

  1. press and hold [Alt].
  2. press the plus sign on the numeric keypad.
  3. enter the hex code of a (digits of the numeric keypad, letters from the text buttons).
  4. make the [Alt] button to go back.
  5. now the corresponding characters should be added.

you will notice that although the hex digits A-F on the main keyboard used, are the numerals it but not to the hex input. The digits of the numeric keypad must use so absolutely right.

hexadecimal input test

following key combination should be a spider monkey (@-symbol) generate:

[Alt] [+] [4] [0]

appears, however, the opening parenthesis, then the hexadecimal input doesn’t work because 40 is the decimal character code of the clip. This is the case you read in the next section how to enable the Hex function.

hexadecimal input unlock

  1. run registry editor with the keyboard shortcut [Win – R] and regedit entry.
  2. open the entry HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelInput Method
  3. here must EnableHexNumpad contain the string and its value set to 1.
  4. if not, click String edit – new -. Type EnableHexNumpad as the name and press
  5. [Return] .
  6. double click the new entry.
  7. you give then a 1 a.
  8. is completed, restart the computer.
Hexinput aktivieren
witches input enable

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