«««Windows: English keyboard switch to – and return with keyboard shortcut

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in Windows you can toggle the keyboard, to select a different language. So you can change, for example, on an English keyboard. How we here reveal. Also: what do if writes the keyboard suddenly in English?

suddenly English keyboard? -Shortcut key helps

when in Windows all of a sudden when typing the umlauts will no longer work and when instead of the Z a Y will appear, probably a wrong country code is set. This is annoying, because suddenly tired of type a Y a Z and for no umlauts. Often it takes even before you realize it.

if the keyboard so suddenly English writes, you can switch again back with the keyboard shortcut [Umschalten – Alt] on your standard keyboard (mostly German). This method works with all modern versions of Windows.

nothing should help, switch the on-screen keyboard a and tap continue.

Windows 10: language to install the keyboard toggle

in Windows 10 House is only a language installed. But what if you want to switch to an English keyboard? Then, you need to install English as a language. It’s like this:

  1. click right below to your desktop on the indication of the language (in our example is Eng ).
  2. select language .
  3. click on language add . Click English (United States) for
  4. English and then in our example.
  5. then the language is added.

to can as described between the languages German and English toggle English install.

In Windows 10 die Tastatur umstellen
in Windows 10 you must first install another language to be able to move it.

Windows 7: Keyboard shortcut to the keyboard toggle

change in Windows 7, typically German and English are installed as languages. Windows switches the keyboard to English language, as soon as you press the key combination [Umschalten – Alt] . Using the same key combination, it’s back on the German keyboard layout. You can place this switch on the English keyboard on a different keyboard shortcut or turn off.

  1. in Windows 7 on the Windows Start button, press and enter the term into the search box keyboard .
  2. from the search results, select keyboards and input methods change .
  3. in the tab keyboards and languages click on keyboards change and then click extended keyboard settings . Leave the entry between input languages marked
  4. and click on change keyboard shortcut.
  5. choose a different shortcut key now. If you want to disable the switch, choose two categories unassigned .
  6. you save the changes with OK .
Dialog zum Ändern der Tastaturbelegung in Windows 7
you read here dialog to change the keyboard layout in Windows 7

as start programs via shortcut key.

Windows 8 on English keyboard switch switching the keyboard layout via

[SHIFT- old] not always works in Windows 8. Alternatively, hold the Windows button pressed and press the SPACEBAR. It should now be most at the right edge of the screen a window will appear, showing all available layouts. Whenever you press the SPACEBAR toggles the current language.

keyboard layout window

this keyboard shortcut displays when you no effect, you might need to install the missing keyboard layout to. This works as described above for Windows 10. English key assignment on German keyboard

often is it technically impossible to make the German occupation. Then you need to come to terms with the situation.

so here a selection of buttons which press on your keyboard, to get the desired character.


gewünschter Buchstabe Taste
@ Ä
* [Shift – 8]
^ [Shift – 5]
& [Shift – 7]
+ [`]
/ [-]
[#] oder [<]
( [Shift – 9]
) [Shift – 0]
[ [n]
] [+]
{ [Ü]
[Shift – +] (plus sign)
< [;]
> [:]
; [ [ö]
: [Ö]
~ [‚]
_ [?]
=’ [Ä]
? [_] (underscore)