Windows: Disable ClearType

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ClearType is the function for font smoothing in Windows. Thus, fonts on the screen will be presented more readable. But the font smoothing is not always really useful and some would like to turn off ClearType. Read here how to permanently disable ClearType.

Windows 10: Disable ClearType

  1. click on the start icon with the right mouse button.
  2. Open Control Panel by clicking the .
  3. Select appearance and personalization .
  4. Click display .
  5. In the left column, click adjust ClearType text to .
  6. remove the check mark from ClearType enable .
  7. Hit six times next and then click finish .

Thus, ClearType is disabled on your computer running Windows 10. Why you must click despite the shutdown by the optimization, but remains a mystery that can solve just Microsoft.

Cleartype abschalten
Windows 10 you can disable ClearType in the display settings

read here how to better adjust ClearType to .

Windows 7: Disable ClearType

  1. in the start menu with the right mouse button, click on computer and properties .
  2. In the section settings for the computer name, domain, and workgroup , click change settings.
  3. Continue under the system properties Advanced . In performance settings followed by a click.
  4. Search edges of screen fonts refine for the entry and remove the check mark before that.
  5. The anti-aliasing is disabled after clicking on OK .

To turn ClearType, go the opposite way.

Cleartype deaktivieren
ClearType disable

read here as you all fonts in Windows can display .

Windows Vista: Disable ClearType

  1. click with the right mouse button on an empty space of the workspace (desktop).
  2. It continues with adjust and window color and appearance effects… .
  3. Remove the tick from following Methide to smooth edges of screen fonts, use and save the change with OK .

Close the other window and font smoothing effect should be gone.

Cleartype in Windows Vista abschalten
ClearType in Windows Vista turn off

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