«««Windows: copy files with keyboard shortcut

10:24 am March 15, 201712919

in Windows, copy and move generally files and folders with the help of the mouse. But there is also another way: the copy files with keyboard shortcut.

copy files via hotkey is initially unfamiliar. But after the settling, it saves a lot of time and is less prone to error, as copying and moving of files with the mouse. Use keyboard shortcut

  1. files copy open the folder in which the files to be copied are located.

  2. you select the files . Press the key combination [Strg – C]
  3. , to copy the files. Or use [Strg – X] , to move the files.
  4. now located the file information for copying to the Clipboard.
  5. then open the destination folder
  6. press once [Strg – V] .
  7. the files are now copied to the folder.
Dateien kopieren mit Tastenkombination
with two keyboard shortcuts to copy in Windows files or move.

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