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Windows can have long: with a few simple steps you simply assign a drive letter a folder on the network. The advantage About this drive, the network path is directly and without complicated searching.

network folder via a drive letter on your PC use

  1. open the Windows Explorer
  2. this PC click in the left navigation bar on the icon (Windows 7 is the icon computer ).
  3. buttons have changed in the bar it. Connect click to network drive.

    Netzwerk-Icon im Windows Explorer
    This PC see these buttons only at the election of .

  4. then see a dialog window to set up the link.

    Netzlaufwerk verbinden
    This dialog is used to connect to a network drive

  5. , drive one of the predefined letters, select.
  6. next to folder then enter the path to the server. If you know the not by heart, try the button browse and find the path in the network.
  7. now you need make only on finished click and the link is established. After a few seconds, the new link window appear computer .

Windows will attempt to gain access to the network share with your personal login information. If the server or the NAS does not accept it, is still a dialog asking for valid credentials.

If you a symbol for PC get this on the desktop , then go directly to the correct view to create a network connection. You can configure the Explorer also, that he start automatically in the view this PC .

set Web link from the command line

you want to temporarily on your computer a shortcut to a network drive? If you already know the path of the network drive, there’s a quick way: open a command line, for example by right clicking on the Start button and the option

  1. command prompt.
  2. you enter net use followed by a drive letter and the server directory on the command line, for example:
    net use k: \serverinstall / persistent: yes
  3. click on OK and a short waiting time opens a window with the title net and the command was executed the message to .
  4. appears in the workplace now link. They do not disappear after a reboot.
  5. to delete the connection, enter
    net use k: / delete
Netzlaufwerk per Kommandozeile
map network drive from the command line.
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