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in a normal command line of Windows, you can start any actions, require the special rights. If you need admin rights to run cmd the Windows command prompt as admin.

For this purpose there since in Windows a “admin-shell”. This is a command line, which for particularly high rights and therefore before running again with a security query is combined.

Windows 7 command prompt cmd.exe as admin start

  1. click on the start menu.
  2. Type in the box run command cmd a.
  3. Press the key combination [Strg] + [Umschalten] + [Return] .
  4. Now the safety query, confirm, and you can get started.

In Windows 10 Windows command prompt cmd as admin run

  1. press first the keyboard shortcut [Win] + [X] , which calls on the admin menu.
  2. Click the entry command prompt (Administrator) .
  3. Confirm the security prompt, and you can work with the admin shell.

Tip: Faster it goes with [Win] + [X] followed by a button press on [A] .

Windows Kommandozeile als Admin starten
You can start the Admin version of command prompt directly from the win-X menu in Windows 10.

Why an extra command prompt for administrators?

The command prompt cmd.exe opens access to the innards of Windows. From the command line, you can reach for example the system directories from Windows or programs. Changes in these directories can have disastrous consequences for the operation of your Windows computer – to complete failure. This is by the way on Linux systems as well: once you are logged in as “root” – so top administrator -, you have the opportunity to destroy the system completely.

For this reason, there are two variants of the command line. In the regular version, you can set doesn’t do so much damage. Therefore, you should use whenever possible, this option, if you have to do something on the Windows shell. Only if it is not otherwise possible, you should upgrade to the administrator version of cmd.exe.

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