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in Windows you can change the image in the lock screen. Shows how this can be done the following tip for Windows 10 and Windows 8.1

Windows 10: wallpaper for lock screen change

read here how you can replace the standard photo in the lock screen against your own image.

  1. , press [Win – I] to open the settings.
  2. select personalization and then lock screen. Background
  3. , click the selection list under .
  4. choose the entry image . Now, Windows shows already some image suggestions.
  5. click Browse to to use your own image, and find out the photo.
  6. image selecting the accept the photo for the lock screen.
Sperrbildschirm ändern in Windows 10
in the Windows settings you can change the look of the lock screen.

Find out how you can register automatically in Windows .

to set a background image for the home screen in Windows 8.1

on the home screen of Windows 8.1 you can choose also your own background image.

  1. to switch to the desktop and there set up a background picture.
  2. once you have set the background image, click with the right mouse button down in the system tray and select properties .
  3. open the tab navigation .
  4. in the range home page for wallpaper on the home show . Select this option and click on OK .
  5. and then tap the Windows key: now see the background image on the home page.

in the following tip read, as change the normal background image of Windows.

In Navigation den Hintergrund auch auf Start anzeigen lassen
in navigation the background to start display

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