Windows: change IP address

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in this manual you read, how to set a fixed IP address for a PC under Windows. So an address using is a computer always reliably under the same IP on the local network.

change IP address in Windows

with the following instructions you can set a fixed IP address. Caution: with incorrect IP address it can happen that your computer on the local network is unreachable or that he can no longer reach the Internet.

  1. [Win – R] press and enter ncpa.cpl .
  2. network connections to appear a button on [Return] .
  3. click with the right mouse button on the network adapter whose IP address you want to change. (Usually, you see only an adapter). Select the properties
  4. , next.
  5. in the window that then appears click on Internet Protocol version 4 , so that the entry appears blue indicator
  6. following a click on properties .
  7. click once on use the following IP address.
  8. then fill in the IP address field. This must correspond to the used addresses from the scheme here on your local network (see below).
  9. after you enter the static IP, press once on [Tab] . Windows then automatically adds the subnet.
  10. right in the line below you enter the IP address of the default gateway . This is typically the IP address of your tune router find ipconfig from the change with .
  11. so that you can still retrieve addresses from the Internet with your computer, you need a DNS server. Your router usually performs this task. So enter its address in the box under the following DNS server addresses use a.
  12. save the changes by clicking on OK . Now, your computer for a fixed IP address.
IP4 Eigenschaften anwählen
IP4 select Properties
Ausgefüllte Informationen zur IP-Adresse
fill out information about the IP address

new IP address check press [Win – R]

If you want to check whether your changes have worked, and start the command line with cmd .

as first check you ipconfig your IP address with the entry of


now should appear the data previously entered for the address, the subnet and the default gateway.

type a

 ipconfig / flushdns 

to DNS cache to empty . Then you can try out that DNS resolution is working, then typing


for example

. Here, responses that contain the IP address of should come. If not, check the configuration again.

reserved IP ranges for local area networks

because the IP addresses are scarce, reserved the most addresses for use on the Internet. For local area networks but there are three ranges that may be used exclusively there:

  • to
  • to
  • from to

one of these areas must be your new IP address.

which fixed IP addresses?

naturally arises the question what you need at all static IP addresses. Because usually, networks do the thing with the IP addresses themselves. A DHCP server addresses automatically maps the connected computers . Usually, mapping is also retained unless it rebuilds the network or the router he forgets my assignment. Usually, there is even no problems: the computers in the network get new IP addresses, Not you can request manually it also .

but in some cases it makes sense, if a computer with a fixed IP is. About then, if you want to also talk him about this IP. Also you are not dependent on a DHCP server with static IP addresses, which deals with the allocation of addresses.

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