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you do not like the window color in Windows? Then we will show you here how to change the color. There are various ways depending on the version of Windows.

color change in Windows 10

in Windows 10 behave the color settings differently than in previous versions. You can set a “accent color” and then determine where that should be displayed.

  1. , press [Win – I] , to open the settings of Windows 10. Click personalization
  2. .
  3. after clicking on color you can choose a accent color.
  4. to the color in the window frame is displayed, select show color in the title bar next at the bottom of the settings.
  5. set the color even in other places shown taskbar and information center, show you enable in addition color menu “Start”, .

make Windows 10 amends the colors.

Farben ändern in Windows 10
in Windows 10, you can put an accent color.

Read here how the background color of and modify the background image.

  • click with the right mouse button on an empty space of the desktop background and select Customize color change in Windows 7 and 8
    1. .
    2. in the next window, click window , color (Windows 7) or color (Windows 8.1).
    3. now you can select a border color. In addition, in Windows 7, you have the option to disable the transparency of the framework or to turn the color intensity.
    4. after you have chosen the color you want, click save changes . The window frame then change their color.
    Farbe ändern Windows 8
    color change Windows 8

    Windows XP: change color of window

    1. click on an empty space of the desktop with the right mouse button.
    2. click representation , properties and then click the tab.
    3. in color scheme select the entry silver .
    4. after clicking on OK the color will be converted. Repeat setting the screen display

      If you want to have the blue window but go back to the steps shown here and in step 3 as the color scheme, select blue (default)

    Einstellung der Bildschirmdarstellung

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