Windows: Backup data without additional program

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10 Windows own backup program – but it’s well hidden. So after a data GAU Windows itself, or the files you want to restore.

how to use the backup program from Windows

  1. enter the taskbar in the search field: “backup”. security settings
  2. click on the results. (with Windows 7, directly start the program backup and restore).
  3. In the following window, select to backup and restore (Windows 7). the description sounds though, as if it were a legacy program, but it works just fine with Windows 10.

    Sicherungsprogramm starten
    To start the backup program.

  4. click on the link backup set .
  5. in the first step, Windows will now search for suitable target drives. The C: drive doesn’t belong because it contains Yes the backed up data to itself.

    Ziellaufwerk aussuchen
    Here, you choose the destination of the backup.

  6. If you have forgotten to connect your external hard disk, you do this and then click upgrade to .
  7. select a backup drive.


back up files to

In the next window, you then have the option to leave quite the selection of files Windows or even to intervene. Only if you really have saved all photos, documents and any other own files within your own user folder, you should take the first option. Windows backs up the folders of other people have logged on to the computer.

Inhalt der Sicherung waehlen

you are not sure, choose the second variant selection by user select

contents of the backup. In hierarchical view shows all personal folders on the PC. The data ranges that with Windows would ensure the first variant, are already preselected. Want to backup other directories which are not in these directories, you open computer entry at the bottom in the list, where you have access to the full directory hierarchy of all drives.

Verzeichnisse aussuchen
here, what is in the backup into select.

The point is only active if the target drive with NTFS is formatted system image down in the window. Thus, you can back up Windows itself to bring it back into shape after a disaster by repair option.

to set the time that the backup

the Windows backup program is actually designed to regularly perform the specified backup. The default is once a week. In the next window on schedule, click Change to change this default.

to not time-controlled, but immediately to ensure you disable the option where perform backup on a schedule basis.

to store the button backup and perform have pressed, closes the window again and you’ll see generally secure window and restore, look like the current settings to the backup. Have you initiated an immediate backup, the window it shows still progress.

Ansicht beim Sichern
you see this during the backup process.

There you will see Save also the button now. he serves as an exception immediately to start a scheduled backup.

how to play a backup

If you have saved your data to a backup device using the Windows backup program the moment where you need this backup comes back at some point.

make but definitely first making sure that Windows can access to the backed up data. So connect the external hard drive, or insert the used DVD-ROM. Because Windows creates an internal database of the backups, but pick this information directly from the media.

certain objects restore

backup and restore start the program as before.

if the lost data is only in your own data area, click there on the button recover their own data. The files should be restored by other users, use the link can restore all user files.

now opens up a blank mask. The recover empty file mask

Windows 7 Wiederherstellen leere Dateimaske
which of the options you choose depends on your needs. Definitely Windows ahead chose the last backup, restore the most recent file versions. Want older versions of files, click on , select date.

to complete all files in the secured form play back , use search for folders, choose the first entry, for example backup of C: and then click Add folder .

similar to go ahead, if you want to retrieve a complete directory tree . Then navigate to first get there, click on the desired folder and select Add then folder.

search from the button, however, come to an input box where you can search for any name parts in the stored files and folders, and then select the desired files.

to get the data back on the computer

to select of the desired objects, click on . Windows now offers you, to put the files in the previous location or to a new directory.

If you have selected the option at origin, a question of overriding the files will appear in the restore each. You want to replace all existing without further questions, mark the checkbox operation for all conflicts perform and then select copy and replace n

a different kind of assurance about synchronizing important files is explained here: with SyncToy, backup files and folders automatically and keep the data synchronously .

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