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when you insert a disc in the DVD drive or insert a memory card into the reader, Windows Mai a dialogue on , which farshadfar, what action will happen to the inserted media type. You can subsequently change the changes it made. Windows provides a screen that lists all accredited media and device types with the respective options in the control panel.

How to change the startup actions

  1. you enter “automatic” the key word in the search box of the start menu.
  2. Click auto-play in the offered programs and settings.

    Windows Option Automatische Wiedergabe finden
    Search appears auto-play

  3. the easiest option after starting this part you will see a list that for very fine distinctions Control Panel. So, there are different actions for silver discs, depending on whether a CD, DVD or Blu Ray is inserted.

    Verhalten beim Einlegen eines Datenträgers steuern
    In this dialog box in the Control Panel, you set how Windows responds to a disk.

  4. Locate the media type you want to change and open the list box behind it.
  5. The options are specific to the media and data types, depending on which installed programs have registered for the data types. Select the desired action.
  6. Can Windows opens the Explorer that every time asks what you want to do it or signs nothing more for the selected media type, decide about the last options also.
Autostart-Aktionen für eine Audio-CD
Startup actions for an audio CD

so turn all actions from

the epic dialog when connecting a device does annoy you or generally, you simply remove the check mark for AutoPlay for all devices insert a disc and media use from . You find at the top in the shown dialog auto-play of the control panel.

You occasionally but once to start the dialog or the selected action, you keep it simple when you insert the [Umschalt] button is pressed.

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