Windows audio CD from MP3 files burn

4:42 pm March 2, 201713241

Windows can burn an audio CD from your MP3 collection without additional software. This is handy if you want to enjoy music or audio books from your library in the car or living room equipment.

So you create an audio CD from MP3s

  1. you can start Windows Media Player and locate the desired music.
  2. Select the tab in the right pane of the program burn .
  3. Make sure that the media type “Audio CD” is selected in the burn settings (accessible via the drop-down arrow for “Burning”).

    CD-Typ einstellen
    To check the set type of CD

  4. now you pull in the box entitled “Burn list” right below your library any audio object. This must be an album icon, a playlist or a manual selection of single files.
  5. Insert a disk and click on the button burning start .
  6. The operation of highly compressed MP3 format now automatically converts into less space-saving format of audio CDs.
Brennen einer Audio-CD
Burning audio CDs with MP3 files

what you should do before burning

, it makes sense that before the action, check whether the target device, so the car radio or the CD player can play not yet MP3s directly. Because that would accommodate much more audio on a disc.

The MP3 support can be expressed by a simple label of “MP3” on the front, for example, should be but definitely in the manual.

As the ultimate test you try just it: burn a few MP3 files on a data CD and test it just in the device. Again, you can do the burn with Windows Media Player. Set as target type “Data CD”.

For this test, the audio files must not necessarily be present in the library of Windows Media Player. You can create a data CD on normal way and select the desired MP3 files from any source.

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