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the network share a folder and its subfolders is quickly set up in Windows. This tip shows you how.

the here described classic version of the Windows release is not as simple as the home network introduced with Windows 7. But the advantage is that you can use the release also with operating systems X, Android, Linux or older versions of Windows with this method such as OS. Shares per home network work only within the world of Windows 7, 8 or 10

as you share a folder in Windows

  1. you go in Windows Explorer to the parent directory of the desired folder
  2. right click on the folder.
  3. even if it is tempting: select in the context menu not release – because only for the home network variant responsible.
  4. instead click on properties .
  5. release , navigate to the tab in the new window and click the button extended release .

    Eigenschaften des Ordners - Erweiterte Freigabe
    The classical share of the properties of the desired folder works in Windows 10.

  6. in the next window, select the release via the checkbox share this folder.
  7. Windows simply takes the directory name as a standard for share , name . Correct the name, if desired.
  8. when you press the button OK , Windows assigns only read permissions to this share – for all users who have an account on this computer.
  9. you want to restrict also write permissions or access to less user, then click on permissions .

    Freigabe einrichten
    You can change here, where appropriate, the name of the share and the permissions.

  10. is in the window the predefined entry every for all user known to the system. Would expand only the rights to write and delete, click full control on and end with OK .

    Berechtigungen der Freigabe ändern.
    Here you modify the right of various users on the share.

  11. want to restrict the circle of authorized users, however, remove the entry every , add individual users and their rights, as desired.
  12. Finally, exit all open Windows with OK and can use from other systems in the share.

the files are now ready to be used by other computers. Here you will learn how they easily find this network share . Or you set up fixed link of the release as a private drive on another PC is a .

as does the network share in Windows XP

  1. to select the folder from, you want to share on the network.
  2. click the folder with the right mouse button and select sharing and security .
  3. released previously have no folder, the message might appear off for security reasons, remote access to this computer for been disabled… .

    Netzwerk-Freigabe unter Windows XP Warnung von Microsoft
    Security Note sharing in XP

  4. click on the text please click here if you are aware of the security risk…

    Netzwerk-Freigabe unter Windows XP Ich bin mir des Risikos bewusst
    this warning you must confirm

  5. click click on the file sharing simply enable and then click OK .
  6. the option will then share this folder on the network. Click it, change the entry share name if necessary, and then click OK . Already the folder from the network is accessed.

    Netzwerk-Freigabe unter Windows XP Option Freigabe aktivieren
    Here enable sharing

allow the writing to a shared folder

Logo Netzwerk Windows XP
network Log0

you have shared a folder on your network and want to allow other users to write there? Then check out this tip.

  1. , you would share the folder as above, described.
  2. for the share, select the option network users to change my files. Finish.

    Schreibzugriff auf Ordner in Windows XP gestatten
    Write access to folders in Windows XP allow

  3. click OK to save the changes.
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