Windows 7 taskbar preview switch off

2:47 am March 3, 201711989

in the Windows 7 taskbar, you see buttons for each open window. As soon as you move the mouse pointer over it, a small preview appears. It shows the current image content of the program window.

It’s actually quite nice and convenient. However, this function on slow computers needs unnecessary resources. In addition, such listings are not for everyone. Fortunately, the picture can be shut down.

Disable thumbnails in Windows 7

to disable the thumbnails in Windows 7, click computer first on the Start button, and then use the right mouse button on the entry.

Then select the menu item properties by mouse click.

Die Eigenschaften des Computers öffnen
Open the properties of the computer

next is click on advanced system settings .

Erweiterte Systemeinstellungen öffnen
Advanced system settings open

click Advanced on .

Registerreiter Erweitert anklicken
Tab click Advanced on

click settings .

Schaltfläche Einstellungen anklicken
Click on button settings

from the area Visual effects , remove the check mark before the entry desktop composition and click OK .

Option Desktopgestaltung aktivieren ausschalten
Option desktop design enable turn off

then only text information about the Windows are displayed instead of the thumbnails.

Keine Vorschau mehr, nur Text
No preview, text only
Vorschau in Windows-Taskleiste

thumbnails in Windows Vista Preview in Windows taskbar

you want to waive the preview in Windows Vista, click with the right mouse button on the taskbar. Continue then with properties – taskbar show and disable window preview (thumbnail).

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