Windows 10: Windows Defender currently hold, despite disabled Windows Updater

12:11 am March 29, 201710061

this tip is aimed at all those who have turned off the automatic Windows Update. If you have no additional antivirus software installed, and you rely on the Windows Defender, so it is no longer updated. So, a vulnerability can occur quickly. The Windows Defender, must be powered, like any other security software with fresh virus signatures. To keep Windows Defender, you will do the following.

  • right first with click Desktop on the and new link .

  • the child needs a name. To avoid confusion, I’ve baptized linking WindowsDefender. It is free but you to take a different name. Enter the name and going on finish.

  • now for this link still in the startup folder are moved. To do this, you open up with [Windows] + [R] run box and give shell: startup a OK to confirm.

  • will open the startup folder, now have to move from only the created WindowsDefender shortcut in this folder . Get ready!

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