Windows 10: What is the Unified Update Platform? [Quick Guide]

5:24 am November 10, 201610498

With the upgrade of several hundreds of millions of devices to Windows 10 and the arrival of new versions more frequently than with older versions of Windows, Microsoft had to offer new in the Windows Update process. This is where the “Unified Update Platform” technology, understand “the unified update platform”.

logo-uup The objective of the Unified Update Platform (UUP) is to reduce the weight of updates and upgrades from one version to another lighter. On my blog, Microsoft says that this technology could reduce the weight of updates of 35%, for the passage of a major version to another.

In fact, we can take advantage of differential updates for Windows, IE between the current version of Windows used on the device and the latest version available, so it will download a package of updates containing the changes.

The last build of the Windows Insider program includes a pre-release version of this feature. Users of mobile devices with Windows 10 build 14959 will quickly see the effects of this feature since they will be able to upgrade to the latest release of Windows 10 only once!

This deployment of updates technology new generation will support PCs, tablets, phones, IoT devices and even the HoloLens headphones.

Microsoft’s goal is to integrate this feature for updates that will be released after the next major update “ Windows Creators Update 10 “. ”