Windows 10: lock screen (lock screen) image

2:13 am March 22, 20176917

change the lock screen Windows 10, aufgehübscht by Microsoft with nice random images. You have to but also the ability to use your own images, or to run even whole collections of images as a slide show. It works like this.

  • start and goes to settings or press [Windows] + [I].

  • clicking on the left side lock screen. Now you can between Windows focus (Dabei werden Microsoft Eigene, Täglich Neue, Bilder präsentiert), image or slideshow select .

  • selects the background option image If you want to place a particular picture, permanently on your lock screen. To do this, you can directly select the Microsoft proposals, or browse through your folders.

  • you can but also an entire image collection as a slide show to run. Go for it at the background selection, slideshow and click on folder add.

  • now select the folder with your favorite images, and select this folder with confirm. So you can run your most beautiful holiday images as a slideshow.

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