Windows 10: high contrast mode enable

2:40 am March 16, 201715264

many notebook users among you, certainly are aware of the problem. Since most notebook computers have no anti-reflective screen, work can be outside, in the Sun an ordeal. But also jobs with multiple or strong light sources, are affected. The reflections on the screen, reduce the overview and sometimes reduce the pace of work. In addition, they increase the strain on the eyes. Fortunately, Microsoft Windows7/8/10 was giving a high contrast mode. With a few keystrokes, you can significantly increase the contrast and therefore easier to read. While it no longer too cute looks then, through the reduced color palette, but your eyes will thank you. Of course, this tip for monitor is intended users.

  • to enable high contrast mode, pressing the keys SHIFT , old and compressed.

  • a note window, with the designation “ high-contrast , confirm with yes now only opens and the high contrast mode is enabled.

  • enough to disable the mode, single tap the shift , old and buttons pressure .

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