Windows 10: Create virtual desktops

12:38 am March 16, 20176289

this is a little tip for all those who work in parallel with many Windows/programs. Sometimes it is difficult for many Windows to keep track. Microsoft Windows 10 for added a handy tool. With just a few mouse clicks, you can create virtual desktops. In each virtual desktop, you can have your desired number of Windows, and switch demand between the desktops.

  • first using the right mouse button on the taskbar, click and show task pane button at a check mark. The task pane icon

  • now appears right of Cortana. Clicks to get to the task pane.

  • in the task pane, you have the ability to create virtual desktops. Click on the new desktop icon in the lower right corner. You can create as many desktops.

  • there are also shortcuts. To create a virtual desktop, press your [Strg] + [Windows] + [D].

  • with [Strg] + [Windows] + [F4] terminates the current desktop iht.

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