Why setting goals allows you to live better? [Exclusive Guide]

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it can be difficult to keep a healthy lifestyle when we live a life with a busy schedule. Despite the attempts to change our bad habits, and those even if we are making progress, sometimes for us to fail in this process despite all our good intentions.

the main problem is our inability to see the importance of small not and impatience that we feel for our goals.

set clear objectives in all areas of our lives is the key to successfully achieve what we want and this is also important for living better. The change may be hard at first, especially when we are very busy.

However below the main benefits to clearly define our objectives and the importance that can affect our way of life. 🙂

1. Define clear objectives

be too vague on our objectives can lead us to give up easily.

for example in the context of our physical health, say ‘I’ll start running’ is not enough, it is better to say “I’ll run for 30 minutes 2 days a week. this will give us a stronger incentive to maintain the practice.

2. Use your time effectively

set a goal clearly facilitates the integration of this activity in our daily lives. If you run 30 minutes 2 times per week, then you need to plan the perfect time to do.

Thus, it is important to think about how to organize ourselves to integrate this each week. We must find the best moments and block specific niches for this activity in our Agenda.

use your time effectively to achieve your goals.

3. Clear objectives provide faster results

the deadlines are found more easily when we set clear goals that result in consistency. Consistency is the key for any purpose in our lives, because it means that we get quicker results and in agreement with our expectations.

by establishing clear goals and consistent delays, our efforts become more targeted and thus allow us to achieve our goals more simply.

4. Allows you to track our progress

track our progress is essential to achieve our goals. Follow our evolution through an application or even since notebook with good old pen, lets us know or we are and how we are the.

This creates in us a sense of accomplishment that may not be felt in setting specific targets. We then create the path to follow, step by step. This in order to achieve faster and just the final goal.

for example, browse a hundred kilometers cannot be achieved that through before each individual step. Thus, we must concentrate on these steps to achieve the final goal.

5. Helps develop a positive mentality

have a clear objective in mind helps to feel us more optimistic, because they have clear objectives we made feel us less stressed and decreases the feeling of failure that we sometimes feel.

we unconsciously create a “road map” which guides us and reassure us toward resolution. Clearly the steps to achieve our goals we gives the feeling to have some control over our lives and creates a positive mentality, which is crucial to achieve our goals.


fix the steps to achieve a goal helps to have a positive State of mind

the SMART method

use the SMART method is a good guide to set our targets and make them as clear, realistic and achievable as possible. Here are below some details on this method:

  • specific: make its purpose clear and specific rather than general. It helps to focus on the small steps needed to achieve the final goal.
  • measurable: in order to measure its objectives. Decide on the actions to implement and define how to achieve my goal (tâche à accomplir par jour ou par semaine) . Choose an indicator allows to assess the outcome of these efforts.
  • ambitious: make it easy and achievable objectives. If the objectives my too ambitious, so the risk to fail its highest – focus on small achievable goals easily to succeed.
  • realistic: it is important to make sure to be able to perform different steps to reach your goal. If you want to train for a marathon when you’re working 12 hours a day, it will be difficult to achieve… Make sure that your goal is your time commitments and your current capabilities.
  • time: set deadlines rather than the General intentions. Put a date and time on your goals to determine my involvement. Then planning events on your calendar and avoid all changes or cancellations.

use the SMART method may be an interesting solution

you have found these benefits interesting to achieve your projects? You already use? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below. 🙂


source: Mind-Mapp made with MindNode , SMART method.

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