Why PrestaShop is the best e-commerce

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e-commerce is currently the buzzword in the world of business on the internet . And the reason behind this is that almost all business owners existing are looking for solution for implementing their own online store and selling their products.

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but for a such product on the internet selling business achieve success, it is very imperative that the shop is not late in any aspect, and provides to the client the best user of Internet shopping experience.

and for that to happen, the e-commerce solution used to build your store on the internet should be chosen with caution.

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Although there are many platforms of creation of internet shop you can use, P restaShop brilliantly stands out from the crowd! You wonder why?

5 reasons why PrestaShop is one of the best solutions e-commerce

1. Ease of use:

ergonomics is one of the most important factors that make PrestaShop one of the best-known eCommerce platforms.

first because the PrestaShop installation is very easy and the installation requires very little technical expertise. In fact, PrestaShop can be installed with the help of of an installer in 1 click such as Softaculous or SimpleScripts . In addition, the installation process takes only a few minutes.

also, unlike the other e-commerce Magento solution , PrestaShop installation is quick and devoid of any large amount of consumption of resources.

2. Countless themes and features:

is one of the qualities of the art of PrestaShop. With PrestaShop, you can have many themes and features for your shop online

PrestaShop provides a large number of improvements in store that can improve the design front end of your e-commerce store . In addition, PrestaShop for a wide range of extensions that include

  • advanced modules
  • models of high quality
  • of beautiful themes
  • high range management functionality
  • search engine optimization

  • of secure transactions
  • orders and even filters.

in other words, if you opt for PrestaShop as your online store eCommerce solution, your customers are sure to enjoy one of the best experiences of online purchase at your store!

3. Mobile Friendly:

PrestaShop is very mobile-friendly and this helps you to stay close and in touch with your customers no matter where they connect.

the PrestaShop default theme comes with an integrated model optimized for mobile , whereby your store will work effectively on all the screens of phones or tablets. this will help improve the conversion rate and the number of sales since customers will be able to browse and buy the products on the store at any time and anywhere.

in addition, the user and the administrator interface can be performed and managed via mobile. This mobile usability of PrestaShop guarantees your customers the best experience each time they do their shopping at your store.

4. Backend management:

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PrestaShop offers a variety of tools that can help you manage your store to be very profitable for you. The set of features for managing back-end in PrestaShop is very impressive and it is even integrated with all major carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

, the PrestaShop dashboard is a set of statistics and management tools of the maximum stores with minimal text. The dashboard includes tools with which you can easily manage and configure your catalog and then your store.

the settings on the dashboard are present, intuitive to use, graphs and counters especially professional and focused.

somehow, business owners should definitely opt for PrestaShop as solution e-commerce for their store online as this can help to manage their online products (stock, delivery,…) very effectively without the help of any additional business management software.

5. Good support and documentation:

one of the reasons for the enormous popularity of PrestaShop as ecommerce solution is the fact that you take advantage of the valuable documentation and support whenever you need it. And the best thing is that you don’t need to search for the required documentation and support because they are available on the itself.

This includes comprehensive information on the different features, functions and settings of the platform.