Why can’t you sell with your site?

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you’ve put a lot of time and money in the creation of your website, but you can’t sell? You did a segmentation of your customer, create targeted pages in order to attract them, but the conversion is not at the rendezvous.  Do you know whence the error?

Comment vendre sur internet

here are some explanations that might help you understand why you can’t sell and to convert your visitors with your website.

you send them elsewhere

very often a site does not sell, because there are too many outgoing links . That is, you direct your visitors to other Internet sites, making them the conversion.

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don’t put external links on pages that are intended to convert. Your goal is to get people to fill their cart and making a purchase.

If you have a product to sell and display advertising at the same time you’re going to lose a lot of money and will competitors will succeed to make the sale.

on average a site wind my own product wins 7 times more than a site monetized by advertising.

people would do no matter what to do not buy, if you give them a link to a video that looks like fun, you can be sure they’ll go see this coolest thing is just a click away.

the customer for too many distractions

pourquoi vous ne vendez pas sur site

many people selling with their website also make a mistake of first choice: they put links to all the other products they sell ! They probably hope that with all the products listed, something will attract the user.

except that this isn’t really what’s happening. Me personally when I see full of products presented to me I lose track of my purchase and I will see them all and in the end I don’t know what buy because I want to take it all.

I prefer sites that offer me a single product on a page. At least, I know why I’m here and I know what purchase I do. Rest assured, if I’m looking for something else, I’ll go see the rest of your site to see what you have to offer. but the solution is not to offer me all at once .

your important content is hidden

make sure your important documents (those which are intended to convert) are in a place where your visitors will actually see them. Usually these texts must be located in the half top of your page.

you can always have great content and very seller, if it is placed at the bottom of your page you’ll never sell with your web site.

you’re scaring them with too much text

I don’t know about you, but when I see a page full of text without spaces and without paragraphs you really the topic interested in 100% that I am trying to read something.

If you want your visitors to buy and you get to sell your products, make sure your pages are light and easy to treat . If you overload your texts, you probably scare them away.

they do not trust

a final reason why visitors don’t buy on a website is that they do not have confidence. Here are the different reasons that a visitor is unwilling to buy on your site:

  • you don’t have ‘About’ page or ‘About us’ . Or so you have one, but it seems real.
  • you do not include your contact information (address, phone number, name)
  • your design does not make professional
  • your content and full of spelling mistakes
  • you do not show that you are committed to your customers
  • no one finds you on social media

if any of this information is valid for you I invite you to solve it, because they are often the decisive factor for customers who are looking to buy or make a service from an Internet site.

what are the problems you are having with your Web site? How have them you resolved? I invite you to share your experience in the part ‘comments ‘. Very interested…