Why 98% of web-entrepreneurs fail on the internet

4:01 pm November 12, 201612061TIPS

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1. Your project deserves to be carefully chosen

if the majority of the web entrepreneurs fails in their projects, it’s because they are not enough passionate about. It is more than obvious, but this is one of the most important to avoid errors.

tell me, how do you feel you when in the morning you have no desire to move forward with your business? It is extremely rude, isn’t it? I advise you to spend all the time necessary to find your passion If you don’t know what are your passions in life.

but in most cases, people know what fascinates them, but do very little effort to go beyond their limits. The passion is really your engine, it allows you to challenge yourself to go a lot further with your projects.

you want to learn step by step how I managed to generate more than 1 million visitors to my sites in 2015

the enthusiasm and all the conviction necessary to succeed and that make a huge difference. If you are not passionate about (a niche) , it is on the duration you want to discourage you.

2. You miss focus, focus you on your projects to 100%

it is very important to focus on your projects at 100%. Make sure never forget your main goal. Don’t go in all directions. It is very important to write down all the key points, and follow your points with rigour.

do not have many things at the same time be productive every day. If you have decided to published an article a day on your blog, stick to this rule. It is you who decide how fast you want to advance, but the most important thing is to move forward.

wholesale you have become obsessed with your online business.

3. Do not follow the wrong mentors

still a very common mistake found in the web entrepreneurs, it is to be surrounded by bad people. How do you succeed in a very specific field if you follow people who have failed them even?

you will agree with me that it’s virtually impossible. We see a lot of either say gurus on the francophone web who learn beginners to make money on the internet, and the worst is that they have poor results.

If you are in such a situation, I recommend to avoid this kind of gurus as quickly as possible, and to turn to the people, who have themselves excellent results.

this is how you are going to move a lot faster. Certainly 10 times faster, maybe even 100 times faster. I also see some people who want to succeed themselves.

it’s very brave of their shares, but this can cost you, dear, at the level of the time that you spend looking for information, and also at the financial level, because some mistakes cost you money, sometimes even a lot of money.

the web self-taught entrepreneurs are people who want to do everything alone, but very often they fail. It is their failures that stop them net, and which discourage them to recover and continue from where they have failed.

4. The mistake of not to associate with other web entrepreneurs

echouer un business internet

surround yourself with partners, for example, you become a successful entrepreneur. Don’t even try to succeed in your web-company alone. After a while you will discourage you because you can’t only grow you up to earn tens of thousands per month without partners to success.

I advise you to create at the faster strategic partnerships with successful web-entrepreneurs. No matter if you are a beginner or already an entrepreneur who earns several hundred euros on the internet.

is better to have an army of partners (affiliates) who fight to sell your products that work day and night to try to sell you even your products. Membership is a very good way to sell more, much more.

what do you prefer? Being an employee in your company or being run it from your company. I think the answer is more than obvious.

5. Don’t forget to communicate with your market on a regular basis

run your business, it is good, very good, but should not forget to communicate regularly with your prospects and customers. If you don’t do this, your customers and prospects are likely to forget you, but also take you to a contractor ridiculous and not serious at all.

this is what to avoid to maintain a good image of yourself and your Internet business. it is said that we one first time to give a good impression on the internet, so don’t miss this opportunity. Otherwise, this may be very expensive.

the best way to do not procrastinate, and continue to communicate with your prospects and customers is you regularly challenge, and connect the output of something new, for example a new product.

If you gave, the promise to your customers out of a new product by setting a specific date, you certainly do that on that date, because you do not embarrass you in front of everyone.

this is how you’re going to force you to communicate regularly with your prospects and customers.

you have other errors to add that I have not mentioned here? Tell me in the comments?