Where can I see all programs at a glance in Windows?

10:53 pm April 12, 20179293

If you want to see all programs in Windows 10 or Windows 8.1, this tip will help you. Because in the Windows-10-Tabletmodus or Windows 8.1 it is not quite as easy as it was earlier.

Windows 10: show all apps

  • in Windows 10 it for become again very easy to display all apps.
  • click once with the left mouse button on the Start button links at the bottom of the desktop.
  • now appears a list of favorites, the most recently added programs and including an alphabetical list of all apps.

Windows 10: In tablet mode, all programs show

    up on the desktop you can find

  • links as the third icon from the top button all apps .
  • click all apps and you may immediately see all programs in a survey.
Alle Apps in Windows 10
a click on this symbol shows all installed apps in the Tablet mode of Windows 10

Windows 8.1: all programs viewing

  1. If you are on the desktop, tap once on the [Win] -button. Then the home page of the tile menu appears.
  2. see

  3. links under the tiles you have a down-pointing arrow in a circle. Click on it.
  4. that scrolls the page down and on the screen you see all installed apps and applications – including those that run on the desktop.

to bring a little more overview in the list above in addition to apps on the downward-pointing arrow click to choose a collation, for example name or to use . In this case, the apps you use most frequently are displayed first.

read here how to start automatically in the desktop mode Windows 8.1.

Sortierung der Apps
sorting the apps

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