WhatsApp: video calls now available for everyone! [Exclusive Guide]

5:40 pm November 15, 20166482

WhatsApp finally integrates video calls to its application for Android and iOS. A feature that users of the mail client waited for almost a year. Video chat, the application aligns with its major competitors like Skype or Facebook Messenger and so catching. It was time!

whatsapp appels video

WhatsApp which reinforced the security of its application , last week, by adding a two-step identification procedure for just undergone a new update that finally brings video calls to the mail client. The deployment of this new update started today for Android and iOS.

To make a video call, simply click on the ‘Phone’ icon when you are in a conversation. You will then have the choice between a voice call and video call. Note that video calling will be encrypted by default. As usual, WhatsApp put primarily on safety and it is also what differentiates it from some of its competitors.

Apart from the security aspect, the company also made great efforts on the side of the compatibility since video calls are available from Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. In other words, even if you have an old smartphone, you can enjoy. Video chat will set the time before arriving at WhatsApp since we already found this option on Facebook Messenger for a year and a half, but it looks like it was worth the wait.

First returns to U.S. users, the call quality seems excellent, both on the side of the sound of the video. In a market as competitive as that of instant messaging applications, WhatsApp’s interest to stand out by offering a service of quality and seems to have understood. Think of good update WhatsApp under the latest version to be able to enjoy video calls.

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