WhatsApp: two new malware very dangerous who steal your banking data [Exclusive Guide]

2:51 am January 4, 201710581

WhatsApp is more than a billion active users. The e-mail client is the ideal target for hackers who are sure to easily find the ideal prey. Recently, two new dangerous malware made their appearance. Once injected, they can very easily hack the device, so you flying all the sensitive information about you, including your credit card information.

whatsapp malware

Hidden under the names of NDA and NIA, two Government Indian very well-known organizations, files “NDA-ranked-8th-toughest-College-in-the-world-to-get-into.xls” and ‘NIA-selection-order-.xls’ that can also be found in PDF or Word format are anything but harmless. There are two dangerous malware that once in your phone, make a real massacre.

Indeed, they are able to access all kinds of sensitive information, including your credit card information or other credentials for connection. The Indian security services are already aware of the problem, but who knows what damage these two malware could cause here that a solution be found.

A method as effective as dangerous because two malware hiding behind the names of two known and reputable organizations. For now, only the India seems affected but nothing says that Western pirates could not employ this method in turn. It for happened in the past, so it wouldn’t be a first.

There are tons of solutions to avoid the scams and viruses of all kinds on WhatsApp but most effective is still especially never click on an attachment if you don’t know the sender. A method that is not only valid for WhatsApp but for all the email clients (and email) in general. We use the applications installed on our smartphones so frequently that we don’t always think about risk and yet they are present.

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