WhatsApp: the service is down in half of France [Exclusive Guide]

6:14 pm November 10, 20169169

WhatsApp, application that we are very likely to use to communicate with our friends just to fail. Failure key several countries including Switzerland, the Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and the half “is” of France, as evidenced by the map which lists the malfunctioning of the service.

whatsapp panne

WhatsApp that will soon offer video calls and win new features almost every update is not as infallible. The proof is with the failure that paralyzed today including several countries including the France email client since this morning, the service was not available in almost the whole of “East” of the country.

Throughout the morning, users in a panic have posted many messages indicating this failure on social networks. Although the map still shows the unavailability of the service in the affected countries, for a few minutes, some users claim, however, that the service is running again in Switzerland and the Netherlands.

panne whatsapp

Although the company only for not officially spoken on the problem, the fact that failure should not be widespread but affects only some European countries suggests that there is a problem of servers. If this is the case, the only solution is to wait for WhatsApp teams that are probably already on it to come fix the problem and use Facebook Messenger or another mail client in the meantime.

WhatsApp which now for more than a billion active users is the preferred mobile with Facebook Messenger messaging client. Both services also owned by the same parent company, social network, Facebook. She nevertheless offers some advantages compared to its counterpart since on WhatsApp end to end encryption is proposed by default and does not need to be activated by the user.

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