WhatsApp is tackling Snapchat with “Statutes”, available in beta [Exclusive Guide]

11:40 pm November 4, 20167719

chat applications market is one of the hardest to get, competitors of big names jostling each other to reach first place. It seems that the last targets to kill in priority is Snapchat, since it is now the turn of WhatsApp to offer functionality similar to the social network in its latest beta.

tuto whatsapp ordinateur

smartphones remained relatively close to their “ancestors” mobile phones. Although their power can now compete with some PC of a few years ago, their philosophy remains the same: the social aspect dominates above all.

That’s why chat applications became so paramount, while the text aging does not have enough well (not see) the photo and video. Also, WhatsApp and its alternatives have taken over smartphone now.

This represents a huge market, including the acclaimed competitor by youth Snapchat scares the most installed. Also, WhatsApp tests now in its beta version a new feature called statutes, which integrates more or less the same tools as its yellow competitor.


help a new status tab, which replaces the usual ‘Contact’, you will be able to see the temporary messages sent by your friends, in the form of photos or videos retouched with paperwork and smileys.

In short, Snapchat in short. The feature is however not actually ‘launched’ in beta, but is present in the code of the latest version. However, it is strange to see WhatsApp stir it, then Facebook did the same on my own application .

Indeed, it was thought that Snapchat was already a competitor of the Facebook brand with the Instagram Stories, taking exactly the same principle on the social network dedicated to the most popular photography worldwide . But it seems that the developer wants to crush Snapchat whatever the employee software.