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default Whatsapp stores all images and movies that it receives in the chat. Land the photos and videos in the photostream – on the iPhone and spread from there across all connected devices. So let’s not automatically save images and videos.

Whatsapp: Pictures and videos not automatically store

  1. in Whatsapp, open the settings . (The small gear that is right at the bottom of the screen.) If you don’t see the icon, you have to leave the current chat.
  2. Tap next to chats.
  3. Now disable the setting received secure .
  4. In the future, the program stores any media files more from the chats.
Automatisches Speichern von Bildern in Whatsapp deaktivieren
With the option “save received” turn off automatic saving of videos and pictures from Whatsapp.

So you save images from the Whatsapp chat

yet to save individual images from the chat, proceed as follows on the iPhone:

  1. open the image.
  2. Bottom left corner, tap the share icon.
  3. Tap Save .
Bilder aus Whatsapp Chat auf iPhone speichern
To save images from the chat, tap on the parts menu and then click Save

tips for better photos with the iPhone you read here.

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