WhatsApp enhances the security of its application with an identification 2 step [Exclusive Guide]

3:35 am November 12, 201613318

Mobile, chat applications are among the most important and most used around the world. WhatsApp is at the top of it, but for not yet truly developed the security of its accounts. With my last beta, this is now done since you will have the possibility to activate an identification 2 step on your account shortly.


our smartphones are more powerful than our computers of a few years ago, their use remains relatively close to their ancestors: socialising is still the watchword of these devices, which have become central in our relationships with our loved ones.

This is why applications like WhatsApp and its alternatives have become extremely popular on the Store: SMS having failed to adapt to new uses of digital technology, including the use of video and photography, such software naturally replaced him.

However, these have a defect: be dependent on an account, which only makes them not very secure. Also, WhatsApp began identification into two steps, now available in beta at the moment but soon available on the final version.

Activated, you need to create a unique PIN code to that application. When you connect to WhatsApp now, the app will ask you your password as well as the unique code, making that a malicious person having recovered password will not be able to abuse of your account.

Is there good news: although not as deep as a 2-factor authentication, this remains a good improvement in safety on the platform that is already using encryption end-to-end by default for users .

It is good to see that developers of the chat application most used in the world have at heart the safety of the private discussions of its users, a fact that for not changed even after its acquisition by Facebook.

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