WhatsApp: Contacts or groups as a shortcut on the home screen legen(Android)

11:44 pm January 28, 201710629

so like me, most of you have a long contact list. Extrapolating to the group, you can quickly lose the overview. Luckily, there is the opportunity to link my favorite contacts with the home screen. WhatsApp offers a practical solution.

1 contact select

  • navigate in WhatsApp to your contact list, and select the favorite contact. Now you click on the three points symbol. In the menu, choose the lower option more .

2 Add link

  • a further submenu opens, also here you choose the bottom option Add link out.

  • the link to the selected contact will appear on the first free slot in your startup screen. Of course you can have multiple links. And don’t worry, deleting the links, does not affect your contact list.

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