What to do if Windows 7 is too slow?

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If Windows 7 is slow, this can have several causes. The operating system comes with even more tools, to find out what are the problems with Windows 7.

causes, there may be a lot. Here we have listed the most important ones.


check whether Windows is so slow, as you find it, you can determine the performance test.  To do this, click the start and performance enter the search term.

performance information and tools then select the entry.

in the next window you will see right an overall rating for your system. This is determined from the lowest part rating.

Ergebnis der Leistungsermittlung mit Windows 7
result of determining performance with Windows 7

links next to it see the individual scores for processor, RAM and so on. One of the values differs strongly, that points out a possible bottleneck.

but you should not change the hardware. Determine the current performance index as a precaution again.

to do this, quit all programs – including those in the background and click run again then click review . Only if confirmed then the values you can think about buying new hardware.

find out what slows Windows

click on start and enter problem as a search term. Select troubleshooting from the sites.

in the window that then appears, click System under and security are looking for performance problems .

click in the window performance on .

If Windows 7 recognizes that programs at system startup are loaded automatically, startup configuration appears a message and a button.

click it and you will see a list of all the programs that run when you start Windows with.

move through the list and remove the check mark from the programs you need not necessarily at startup. Many applications install such programs, then faster to download the main program. But some system ballast is indeed nice meant, loser.

Systemstart: Das Laden von Programmen aktivieren
startup: loading programs enable

typically you can turn off here generously. Normally, the programs will need to load then may be slightly longer. If you accidentally too much shut down a program, you can enable it again. To do this, click Start to , search system configuration for . Click the system start and seeing the entries.

after changing the entries you are prompted to restart Windows. Then you can search as described the investigation once again start on after brake.

superfluous software stop

is the main cause of slow computers – you may hardly believe it – the software that runs on it. If so, your Windows PC is really lame, you look to run programs in the background.

as first scroll using the keyboard shortcut [Alt – Tab] by open applications. For any given program, think about whether you really need it at the moment. If not, close it. Save to memory and processor time.

If your Web browser is open, you should take a critical look on him: how many sub window (tabs) are open? Flash runs somewhere maybe? This can consume resources.

you can also search even after the power eaters: with the resource monitor find out what program needs at most CPU time and memory.

our Tip:

If you are traveling with a weak system, start only the program you currently need. If you no longer want to use it, you close it again. Consistent stopping of the programs is only a matter of habit.

user interface speed up

Windows 7 for a very stylish user interface with Aero. Many effects and graphical niceties but also mean: compute power. Fortunately, the effects can be shut down. This brings significant progress especially on computers with weak graphics card.

the graphic bells and whistles options individually deselect or turn on, click the Start button and type as the search term ‘Performance’ (without quotes). From the sites about it, then select performance information and tools with a single click.

then click on adjust Visual effects . You can find lots of options under the tab Visual effects . Try adjust for the beginning with for optimal performance. To turn off all graphic special effects and can accelerate enormously the appearance – especially on computers with weak graphics cards.

Leistungsoptionen von Windows 7 after again
power options Windows 7

If you are satisfied with the performance, switch the options a until the computer comes to its limits. Or try it with select the optimum setting automatically . Then you leave the choice Windows 7.

hardware upgrade

an operating system can be just as fast, as it allows him the hardware. If you have insufficient memory or the processor is dragging, Windows 7 not much good. You look so, how much memory in your PC is installed.

If you have only a GB of memory, you should upgrade memory. Four GBytes are good for a liquid operation under Windows 7

other factors for the speed are of course the processor and other components such as hard drive and graphics card. To learn which components brake your computer via the performance information from Windows 7 .

check level of hard disk drive

also a to full hard drive can affect the performance of the system. Here it is worth to look, the hard disk is full as . For data-intensive applications, for example video editing by the way, try to store the video data on a second hard drive: the program then runs out from the system hard drive, the video files are located on a second disk.

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