What Thierry, Internet marketing teacher, taught with Blogger Pro [Quick Guide]

7:31 am April 12, 20178002

what Thierry, Internet marketing teacher, taught with Blogger Pro

by Olivier Roland

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(literal) text Transcription:

Olivier Roland: Hello, here Olivier Roland. I’m with Thierry Crignon, a teacher of Web marketing and also the Nabis Magazine blogger who is a blog about the art to learn painting.

Thierry joined the blogger Pro training while he was already a teacher of Web marketing. He for some interesting things to share on that Blogger Pro brought in Web marketing.

Hi Thierry.

Thierry Crignon: Hello, Hello to all.

7 years ago, I learned in the United States and Canada, since I was straddling the two countries, all US and Canadian online marketing techniques.

I learned techniques to put online an e-commerce website, a showcase site. But what it gave to me, as a professional, is the notion of professional blogger is totally different from the notion of a showcase site, e-commerce site.

throughout this training, I learned a lot of things despite what I had learned previously. One of the tips and tricks that you recommend us: ‘write articles no not for you, but for your readers’ was one of the most fundamental things.

when you do e-commerce, we think we have a product that will get people interested and we’re trying to push. While what you recommend us, it is rather to try to find out what interests readers and create a product or an article based on what may interest them, them.

Olivier Roland: you also shared that the fact that you’re a professional webmarketing initially did a little hesitation to sign you up.

Thierry Chris: actually. Before I sign up, I put time. That is, you did a first launch until I register me to this one, and I’m not registered saying: what do Olivier me? After all, I know everything. I am familiar with SEO, I know well the websites, I know the coding Html, PHP and the MySQL. I know about this stuff. He could bring me?

between the two teams, it took me six months to reflect. And after six months, I thought: your blog does not mount, your blog does not work as much as you want. I watched your launch. And here, you convinced me to sign up.

is something I do not regret because I learned a lot of things. It’s been extremely helpful to me. And I think that if I was able to launch today I’ve done this year, it was simply through training and through what you taught me because otherwise I would have done all the nonsense we do and learn in online marketing. That is I would have done a traditional launch, I would have put a product online, I did not have an orchestrated launch. And there are lots of things I didn’t know. Even if I had heard of it, I didn’t know the ins and outs.

Olivier Roland : Yes, because we did an interview recently and you shared that you did a launch of 22 000 euros with a product on the art of mixing colors in paint. It’s really a very nice result, and then this is just the beginning.

you’re a teacher in school already?

Thierry Crignon: I’m in a business school in Lyon and Chambéry. It is ECORIS, a trade school where I teach Web marketing and social networks.

Olivier Roland: is that what you’re transmitting a bit to your students of the elements you learned in Blogger Pro?

Thierry Chris: Yes. A little bit. There is one thing you taught me and I push them much since I’ve done your training, i.e. I try to push my students toward what they want.

which is annoying when you’re teaching, it’s that you see people come in class and sometimes, you wonder what they come to do. And I’m trying to push people to their desires.

besides last year, I received a call from one of my students who told me: Thierry, you taught me to do what I want, I want to go to Australia. I’m calling from the Australia, I’m in Sydney, and I just took a job of marketing out there.

that’s also fully live my life, that’s what I teach them.

I don’t teach them everything you taught me because after all, they just have to be part of the training. But what I teach them is especially, well understand the web, well understand the expectations of users, and try to live their lives rather than trying to go absolutely in a straitjacket, society.

Olivier Roland: I’m glad to know that you’re transmitting a little bit what I teach to others. Me, I always imagine what I do as a kind of pebble in a lake that will create waves like that, because I help people concretely to help other people. And here we have a very good example. Makes me very happy.

can you share the top three things that you’ve learned as a Web marketing professional in Blogger Pro about Web marketing?

Thierry Crignon: on Web marketing, as that Blogger pro, what I learned as a first step, it is the organization that is not wasting time. Today, one thing you teach me, it’s not wasting time on the phone, on social networks, etc.

mean that even today as a professional, for example, because I had some Tourist Offices, I had hotels that used to call me. At the time, I was on average 7 hours on the phone with people.

and from the moment you explain in training the week of four hours, I told all of my clients as I watched my emails twice a day and I didn’t answer the phone, etc. And I can tell you that all my clients have all accepted it without problem.

Olivier Roland: is something that we can’t imagine before and do it finally.

Thierry Crignon: actually, it goes much better. In addition, I tell them: If you leave a message on the phone, it is not worth to let me 15 minutes of text. You simply tell me call me at this number.

it works wonderfully. I can tell you that I won a lot of time because of it.

that means I’m virtually not, despite the fact that I teach, on social networks. I have automated because it’s wasting a lot of time. I do not watch my emails twice a day because as I’m a professional, I need still to watch it twice a day: once at noon and once in 18 hours.

my clients know that I would not answer because initially, they were convinced, they were waiting for me to answer them. And some, after sending me a mail, immediately called me back saying: but you didn’t answer me. I tell them no. I explain to them what you taught us it’s that actually, I do not answer.

it is true that I am able to write an article in less than 45 minutes. I turn off my phone, I cut everything, even the Internet and I focus on my article. And in 45 minutes usually, I can make an article up to 1000 words.

Olivier Roland: did it help you organize better.

Thierry Crignon: it helped organize me and most importantly, it helped me to see that I was wasting time unnecessarily. It doesn’t strictly need help.

Olivier Roland: do you still other things to share?

Thierry Crignon: , the vision of the web, it’s to ask questions to users about what they expect, rather than trying to offer them a product strength. This is the second thing that for really helped me. Because when you get a book that you’ve spent almost two yearresearch on this book and you sell only 50 copies, I can tell you that it’s really a slap. Extremely hurt. It’s something I’ve learned from training.

the book when I took it out, I used the technique I learned in the United States. Second training, training “Sublimate your colors” came out and she had a success because I listened to what you said, I had questioned my readers, I did them to participate in the creative process. It for been a big part of the success. It is really the second great thing that I put forward.

Olivier Roland: actually, it’s a mistake many entrepreneurs, even experienced entrepreneurs and experts in their fields to create the product they want rather than create the product which want their hearing, their prospects. And often, it is blinded like that with our experience and our own knowledge of the field.

the problem is that you have a little blindness of the expert, which means that it is interested in things that do not interest most of the people who do not have our level of expertise. And doing a survey not spend months, or even years to create a product that is basically our masterpiece to us, but which everyone cares completely.

Thierry Crignon: this is the case of my first big book.

Olivier Roland: here at least, you created a work of art.

and then, it’s too bad not being able to touch people with it. It’s always the dilemma of artists because they often have specific aspirations on their ways to create works, but must also meet an audience. Not all, but many also want to meet with an audience to communicate something. We must find the mix between our personal approach, what interests us us, and what people are interested in.

Thierry Crignon: it’s quite it. On the other hand, the fact of having created this book “sublimate your colors” and this video training is just as exciting. In reality, it happened all alone somewhere, just, I answered a question that rather than trying to force their hand with a product they don’t want. This, it is really the second thing that I would advise.

Olivier Roland: do you have a third thing to share that you learned?

Thierry Crignon: there is a third thing. There are tools that you advise us that I didn’t know, all of the plugins and others that you recommend. But there are plenty of tools that I did not use that you give in training that can be downloaded and are extremely useful.

today ‘ today, there may be others that I’ve changed because as a teacher in Web marketing, I learned other things. But as a general rule, currently, 80% of the plugins I added following my training are still on my blog and are extremely useful to me.

Olivier Roland: is that what you knew before autoresponders?

Thierry Crignon: I knew a. I did not know AWeber, I did not know Mailship.

Olivier Roland: but you already knew the power of the mailing list?

Thierry Crignon: , it’s something they taught me all the time.

when I arrived in the training, I already 15000 addresses following me, that I could not integrate with AWeber because I use AWeber. I tried Mailship, but I’m not interested. SG autoresponder doesn’t interest me either. So, despite its price, I stayed on AWeber. It’s true I know however before success.

I know also because of my profession that today ‘ today, there is only the mail that sells. You can have the most beautiful site, even an e-commerce site, it can work only if they had a list of emails.

Olivier Roland: Thank you Thierry for sharing all this. To conclude, is that what you would advise this training people who are specialists in marketing?

Thierry Crignon: Yes, completely, for those who want to blog. But not even that. That is, with my back and my vision of all the alerts that I put, it watches I put into my teaching in Web marketing, I realize that today ‘ today through their blogs who follow the training of blogger, can, happen to make their e-commerce sites. That means that today ‘ today, I’m sure that if an e-commerce merchant followed your training and made spot as you tell us, I’m sure he could live to the best of its e-commerce site.

Olivier Roland : I am convinced. In fact, I did a presentation recently at The Family to share all startupers, people who want to create startups or those who have already one how they should be doing content marketing, i.e. the fact of using the content to get a hearing and prospects could completely change their business model because I find that there are too few companies, be it e-commerce , startup of traditional Internet business that use precisely this power of content and really create a tribe of people passionate about what we share. They underestimate, they are not aware at all of the power.

and I think you’re quite right. A blog can bring a lot of things to an e-commerce site: a tribe, a loyal audience, a great source of traffic and also a credibility for an e-commerce site, and a relationship with an audience that is incomparable with what we find on conventional e-commerce sites also.

Thierry Crignon: I have a concrete example. I had a customer who had me called, which had a library of e-commerce. This library was almost not working, there was no traffic, nothing at all. And we started a year ago a blog where he talked about books, about my passion for books. This book had everything you taught me, that is an autoresponder which is AWeber.

now, thanks to this mailing list, and what he for on my blog regularly, it triggers a small monthly on the latest promo. He sends it to my mailing list, and he could almost triple its turnover thanks to that.

Olivier Roland: it’s impressive.

Thierry Crignon: no, but we don’t realize. That is to say that today ‘ today other than what you call Brandalley, Sarenza or another great brand, and you have a million to each year in advertising, how to do when you’re a niche?

here, one who is a trader and following a blogger Pro training and creating a blog, this blog can be an interface, a gateway to this site. And I can tell you for having set up that it is something that is extremely powerful.

Olivier Roland: Thanks much Taylor for sharing this.

Thierry Chris: thanks.