What sound card do I have? So find out!

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which sound card do I have? Windows is quick answer to the question. There are two ways for the sound card: DirectX diagnosis and the Device Manager.

Find sound card with dxdiag

  1. press [Win – R].
  2. Type dxdiag a, followed by a [Return].
  3. Click the Register tab sound .
  4. Now you see the sound card in your computer.

Note: May be multiple sound cards are installed – then see multiple tab such as sound 1 or 2 sound.

Soundkarte finden mit Dxdiag
What sound card do I have? You can find out quickly with Dxdiag.

Find sound card with Device Manager

  1. press [Win – R].
  2. Enter devmgmt.msc and press [Return].
  3. Thus starts the Device Manager.
  4. Double click the entry audio-, video and game controllers .
  5. A list of hardware devices appears the same on it. Underneath is the sound card you are using.

To learn more about the sound card, double click on the corresponding entry. Now, you see another window with detailed information about the device and whether it works.

Eigenschaften der Soundkarte in Windows
Features of the sound card in Windows

in driver can you install new control software for your sound card. All available information about the device, including the name of the manufacturer, see details . If you want to know, , how much is storage in your Windows based computer, read here on .

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ASUS Xonar DGX 5.1 PCI-Express soundcard (105dB, RCA Jack 3, 5 mm)

  • connections: 3 x 3, 5mm out, 1 x 3, 5mm, 1 x SPDIF out
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  • shows sample rate

  • Dolby Headphone, integrated headphone amplifier, EAX support

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