What salary to the project manager, consultants and responsible SEO in France in 2017? [Exclusive Guide]

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if the SEO is often presented as a specialty well paid because of a lack of senior citizens in the face of growing demand profiles, how much money make really independent SEO consultants, project manager and responsible for SEO at the advertiser and agency? The French SEO Camp association conducted a survey among its members and the SEO community. Here are the results.

want to know how much does a head of SEO in 2017 project? The survey conducted by the association SEO Camp on a 414 SEO panel reveals:

  • the average wages of the SEO by region
  • differences in salary man / woman in the SEO (to post equivalent so not very representative)
  • the average wages of the SEO in Agency vs. in-house everywhere in France
  • average salaries by seniority in the SEO
  • average salaries by seniority in the post held in SEO in the company
  • the wages of the SEO by way of recruiting

what average salary for SEOs SEO by Region in France in 2017?

salaire SEO par Région

no surprises, it’s in the Paris region as the SEO salaries are the most important with a average of 41, €7K per year . Other regions of France who pay the better the SEO after SEOs who work abroad are: Provence (36, €5K / year) , Occitania (34, €4K) and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (33, €7K) .

what average wages for men and women in the SEO in France?

salaire homme femme SEO

the study of SEO Camp, who polled 67 percent of men against 33% of women, women reported a lower average salary of about €3K annual men ( – 8, 4% ). If this chart can look uneven at first, we must however keep in mind that the study was not conducted on a sample representative of the France SEO and egalitarian criteria, men and women questioned here are therefore not comparable in the same measures positions (on 321 people regarding themselves as ‘expert’ or ‘confirmed’, the sample consists mostly of men at 70%).

what are the average salaries of the SEO in Agency vs. in-house?

salaire SEO agence VS annonceur

advertisers and publishers of tools / services Web marketing are, according to this study, the companies that pay the best SEO in 2017 with between €37K and €39K annual salary . The self-employed are also good with an average of €37K average annual wage in France. The SEO working in Agency are less well paid ones according to this survey.

what are the average salaries by age in SEO?

salaire ancienneté SEO France

if at the very beginning of my career, an SEO earns on average between €23K and €27K , my salary generally enough is rapidly changing to an average of €33K 37 k € around 5 years experience . For the more experienced with more than 10 years of experience, the salary is usually located above the 40 K€ with an average of 47 K€ for profiles with 15 years of experience .

what average salary in SEO by seniority in the job?

salaire ancienneté poste SEO France

plus the SEO have seniority in position, they are logically well paid by their company.

what is the impact of the mode of recruitment on the salary of the SEO?

salaire SEO par mode de recrutement

the SEOs who earn the better their lives are those who were canvassed by recruitment firms. Employees who have benefited from an internal mobility are also generally well off. The SEO on their own account are placed in 3rd place.


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