WebioOP: equivalent to WebioPi on Raspberry Pi for Orange Pi [Exclusive Guide]

12:24 pm April 3, 201713319

WebioOP is equivalent to WebioPi for Orange PI. this project date of the beginnings of the Raspberry Pi. Goal is to fly the GPIO of the Raspberry Pi from a small Web interface. It is even possible to control GPIO’s Raspberry Pi remotely by exposing the Raspberry on the internet. It is also this project that serves as a base to fly the GPIO since the application Cayenne. As usual it must redo the work on Orange Pi for the equivalent. This time, it’s nopnop2002 that for become stuck. He explained how the Forum of Orange Pi http://www.orangepi.org/orangepibbsen/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1634&page=1&extra=#pid13613 .

First install Flask, a Python library that allows to create a Web server entirely in Python. The official page of the project is here .

We install pip, Manager of package for Python

then Flask

then install the WiringOP library already presented in this tutorial. The GitHub project is here . We get sources in local

must also install some tools needed for the compilation of the source

First built the library WiringPi

before you bind libraries 2 sets

there is to install WiringOP

there is to install the webioOP project. The source code does not appear to have been published on GitHub, I found it on the site of nopnop2002 (in Japanese).

On décompresse l’archive

by default, webioOP starts a web server on port 80. If you have another server that uses to port (for example Automation server), edit the last lines of the webioOP.py script. For example here, the server will open on port 8000.

start webioOP by running this command

open a browser on a computer connected to the same local network Orange Pi and enter the port followed by ip address configured. For example

and then you can fly the GPIO since this little Web interface.

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