Weather forecast in Windows

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who wants to know how the weather is, must see just out the window. He installed a gadget, or. However, there no longer is that for Windows 7. But there is a weather report in Windows 8 and 10

weather gadget in Windows 7 works no longer

  • for some time, the gadget in Windows 7 no longer works.
  • Presumably, this is because no longer active support of Microsoft Windows 7 since January 13, 2015. ( support lifecycle of Windows versions ).
  • Since then reports the weather gadget: “The connection to the service cannot be established”.
  • Unfortunately, there is apparently no longer the here originally linked mini program from
  • Remains only to watch the weather online.
Die Minianwendung für das Wetter von Windows 7 geht nicht mehr
The gadget for weather Windows 7 no longer goes.

Weather app in Windows 10 install

  1. click on the Start button.
  2. In the list of applications, click on weather .
  3. After that, you can set the weather app.
  4. Enter your location. (Click on detect location tries to detect your local MSN.)
  5. Click start .
  6. Now, you see the current weather and the weather forecast.
  7. Click in the window of the weather app on the needle.
  8. “Do you pin that tile to start?” will appear.
  9. Click yes .
  10. Now is the weather app as a live tile Start menu.
Wetterbericht in Windows
After you set up the weather app, you can see the current weather conditions on a live tile.

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weather report in Windows 8

Windows 8 for its own app for the weather report. You find on the tile surface, which can be reached with the touch of a button on the [Win] button.

Wetter-App von Windows 8
Weather app Windows 8

on the first call to try to determine your place of residence Windows. If Windows is not correctly positioned (as in our example), type a different location by hand.

Der von Windows 8 vermutete Wohnort
The residence suspected of Windows 8

with acknowledge take over the place. Windows proposes one or several sites, which confirm the right mouse click.

Gefundene Orte in der Wetter App von Windows 8
Found places in the weather app Windows 8

right after Windows loads the weather forecast for the current location.

Das lokale Wetter in Windows 8
Local weather in Windows 8

If you continue you will get scroll the image to the right is still more current weather information, for example a weather map. By clicking on the magnifying glass right above in the image, you can find other places.

As soon as you switch back to the tile surface of Windows 8 find the current location and the current weather in the weather tile.

Aktuelles Wetter in der Kachel von Windows 8
Current weather in the tiled Windows 8

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