Waze: you can now be guided by your own voice [Exclusive Guide]

3:34 pm May 9, 201713328

Waze is unquestionably one of the most popular GPS navigation today services, an excellent alternative to Google Maps. The service is regularly reinvented with new features sometimes very useful, and sometimes surprising. Today, it is a rather unusual feature that shows up as Waze offers to be guided by… your own voice.

waze guidage voix

you will not lie if it is stated that the arrival of smartphones for caused the decline of many other high-tech products. As a smartphone today brings together several high-tech products into one. We think for example the digital camera or GPS. On Android, there are tons.

among the best GPS apps , we find Waze. It is even the best app of its kind. Waze offers a very precise mapping based on Google Maps. But its great strength is its community side. All users can report real-time areas of dangers, accidents, traffic jams etc. And Waze redirects real-time users to a more responsive ride.

Waze: and if your GPS was you?

The other great strength of Waze, is that it is an application that is renewed regularly. Or to propose new features very useful, either to bring a little fun. We remember for example the option to add the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger to guide you at the exit of the last Terminator. The guidance was punctuated by expressions specific to the famous character as “Hasta la vista”, baby or even “I ll be back” .

Today, Waze offers an equally original feature. Right now, you can be guided by your own voice . Waze offers its users to save my own sentences of guidance.

The feature is available in the settings then “sound and voice” . You can then configure your own phrases for each statement. As say you there are enough good laugh. Enjoy fast, Waze is threatened to be banned . So if you want to take advantage of this new feature, you can download Waze just below.

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